Friday, December 23, 2011

 I've been delving into Free Form Crochet. I tried a few flowers. The red and white one is my first attempt. It's 9 inches across, a bit bigger then I was planning. I started with the center of a granny square and added a long string. Then, I crocheted the petals on the string and around the center. Then I added a wire in the base of the petals and shaped it.

The second flower is much smaller. It is 5 inches across. I used baby yarn and a smaller hook. I also didn't do the center round piece. I like it much better. I still have other ideas in my head.


  1. You are really in creative mode-wonderful. The big one could be the front of a pillow.

  2. Hi Karen

    Have you come across Prudence Mapstone in Australia? I found her site last year and have had a lot of fun inspired by her free form 'scrumbling' crochet. (I add a few beads to it as well)

    April Z (BJP)